Yakun Zhang

Master student, Software Engineering, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences

4#, South 4th street, ZhongGuanCun, Beijing, 100190, China

Email: zhangyakun18@otcaix.iscas.ac.cn

I am currently a master student under the supervision of Prof. Dan Ye, Prof. Wensheng Dou in Institute of Software, Chineses Academy of Sciences. My research interests focus on spreadsheet analysis, software engineering, image/video quality assessment, and machine/deep learning.


  • Master student in Software Engineering
    • Advisors: Prof. Dan Ye, Wensheng Dou
    • Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (09/2018-Present)
  • B.S. in Computer Science
    • Wuhan University (09/2014-07/2018)
    • Rank: Top1

Research Experience

  1. Learning to detect table clones in spreadsheets, 09/2019-05/2020
    • Research problem: Table clones in spreadsheets are common. Precisely extracting table clones can benefit data reuse, fault detection and data mining. However, table clones are not recorded during the creation of spreadsheets.
    • Contribution: We propose LTC (Learning to Detect Table Clones), to automatically detect table clones with or without structure changes. LTC can achieve a highly precision and recall in table clone detection, significantly outperforming the state-of-the-art technique.
  2. Spatial-temporal video quality assessment (Intern project), 11/2016-12/2017
    • Research problem: This project aims to perform video quality assessment which benefits video codec and compression.
    • Contribution: We improve the JND image quality assessment algorithm in three aspects and get a new video quality assessment algorithm.
  3. Infrared face recognition system based on deep learning (Research competition), 11/2016-08/2017
    • Description: This project aims to improve face recognition caused by the camera's unclear face captured in the low light environment at night. This project can be used for field security monitoring.
    • Approach: MTCNN is used for face detection, and the infrared recovery framework is built on the GAN network. The face recognition system is modified from the Google FaceNet framework.
  4. A City Roadside Parking System (Research competition), 11/2015-08/2016
    • Description: This project aims to solve the problem of roadside parking, and the public cannot find roadside parking space.
    • Approach: We use ultrasonic sensors to determine whether the parking space is occupied, and we have designed a WeChat service number to check the parking space around the user at any time and make an appointment for certain parking spaces.

Research Interest

  • Spreadsheet programing and analysis
  • Software Engineering
  • Machine/deep learning

Awards and Certificates

  1. National Scholarship, 12/2020
    • Top 0.2%
  2. Model of Merit Student of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 06/2020
  3. Merit Student of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 06/2019
  4. Big Data & Computational Intelligence Contest, 09/2018-11/2018
    • Rank: 12/2444
  5. National University Student Information Security Competition, 11/2016-08/2017
    • National Second Prize
  6. National University Student Internet of Things Competition, 10/2015-08/2016
    • National Second Prize

Publication & Patent

  1. Learning to Detect Table Clones in Spreadsheets. [PDF]
    Yakun Zhang, Wensheng Dou, Jiaxin Zhu, Liang Xu, Zhiyong Zhou, Jun Wei, Dan Ye, Bo Yang.
    29th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA 2020).
  2. A City Roadside Parking System Based on Ultrasonic Sensors.
    Yakun Zhang, Zhiyuan Deng, Yinjie Guo, Xiaowei Zhang.
    ZL201720326838.9, 03/2017.

Internship Experience

  • Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), 08/2019-03/2020
    • Job: Data Knowledge Intelligent Group (DKI) Research Intern (Full-Time)
    • Direction: Table structure identification in Spreadsheets.

Student Service

  1. President of the Student Council in Institute of Software, Chinese Academic of Science, 2019-2020
  2. President of the Youth Volunteer Association in Wuhan University, 2015-2016
  3. Vice President of Student Council in Wuhan University, 2014-2015


  • When having spare time, I love to play Pipa or Chinese Zither. Besides this, I also love to dance with my friends in the dance room.